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A Fast and Affordable Way To Give Your Business More Visibility

Pay Once, Keep It Forever You do not have to pay a monthly fee to keep your website online. We only charge a one time flat fee which can be paid in payments, no hidden cost and no tricky small print. Once paid in full, the site is yours to keep.
Get More For Your Money Besides your website, you also get your social media profiles and startup membership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. A complete affordable package to take your business to the next level.
Mobile and Tablet Friendly Your website is fully optimized for mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. It looks great on any device!
Customized to Fit Your Business Your site is designed to modern standards and helps you to start building your online presence.

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How It Works

Put Your Business Online In 6 Simple Steps

1. Contact Us

Please fill out the above form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

2. Initial Payment

Initial payment is for $200 USD and you pay the remaining $200 after 30 days.

3. Provide Content

You provide all the content that we need to set up your new site (company's logo, description, list of services, special deals, etc.)

4. Site Development

Once we have all the content needed, our team of experts creates your brand new website.

5. Social Media Profiles

We create your Facebook business page, your Twitter and Google+ profiles. If you already have them, we link them to your new page.

Startup Membership

You get a premium membership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (Valued at $200/year.)

Don’t Let The Competition Take Your Business

Benefits Of Putting Your Business Online

Having a website is not a luxury anymore, It’s a necessity! The benefits of having a website for your business are:

  • 1. It helps you to promote your business beyond your local market.
  • 2. It offers a cost-effective way to promote your business.
  • 3. It helps you to offer better customer service and to connect with potential customers 24/7.
  • 4. It helps you to strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • 5. It helps you to lower the operating costs of your business.
  • 6. It helps you to increase your credibility and to increase your sales.
  • 7. It helps to increase your sales.

The Internet has changed everything. That includes the way we do business. From online shopping carts to blogs, from social marketing to a range of other online business resources, there are plenty of opportunities for business owners to boost their competitiveness via the Internet. It is our mission at the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce to help our members leverage the remarkable resources made available by the Internet, and to boost their own competitive edge. In particular, we are passionate to help family owned businesses to improve their own online visibility and success. Don’t wait any longer, get your website package now!



What is included in the package?

It includes domain and hosting for 12 months, your brand new site, social profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and your premium membership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. Your site is created on WordPress. You have full control over your site at any given time. You can also update the design once you are ready to invest more money on it and the beauty of this deal is that you don’t loose anything that you build over time like in any other deals where you pay monthly fees to have your site up and running.


Is it really $600 USD only?

Yes, it is. You pay $600 USD and you get everything we have promised you in the package. It’s a one time fee and that’s it. You don’t have to pay monthly fees, pay again after 12 months or anything.


Domain and Hosting?

Domain a hosting is included in the package for 12 months only. After the first 12 months you are going to have to pay for the renewal of your domain and hosting package. If you need assistance with that down the road, we are more than happy to help you out with that. Don’t worry, you are not dealing with unethical and unprofessional people here. You are dealing with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. If you want to learn more about our organization and business values, please visit


What if I already have Facebook, Twitter and Google+?

If you already have your Facebook business page, your Twitter account set up for your business and your Google+ for business we just linked them to your new site. If you don’t have any of them, we set them up for you.


What does the Startup Membership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce include?

Your premium membership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce includes all the services provided on our main site You are going to have access to the private business network, we create a business profile and business page for your business, add all your contact information, link your social profiles, add gallery of photos if you have some, add special deals to your profile, activate your blog and listing in our iOS mobile app. We also help you promote your business online via our extensive network of contacts and provide you as many business resources as possible via our strategic partners. We want you to succeed online and we are going to do everything we can to make that happen. We look forward to collaborating with you.